The Kennel (About Us)

A pot in the garden are a tempted place at warm days for the dogs

Kennel Casein is situated in Kodal, Norway, approx 120 kilometres from Oslo, southwest bound. Our nearest city is Sandefjord, about 15 kilometres driving away.  Here we, Lars and Geir, live together with approx. 12 adult dogs. They are English Cocker Spaniels and Welsh Springer Spaniels, most of them are cockers. Actually, we also have a cat (!) which lives happily with all the dogs and is a very nice companion to the puppies.  Kodal is a popular resort for the citizens of Sandefjord, because it is so huge and with a spectacular nature. Here is room for everybody, and a lot of exciting places for humans and dogs. Our dogs and us, are very pleased to live here, and the height of the day is our walks in the woods. 
To breed has become a lifestyle - a pleasure you cannot measure by anything else. It is the same excitement every time we have new litter, and our goal is mentally healthy dogs, which also are sound, beautiful and typical for the breeds.