Kennel Casein was registered in 1986, together with the first cocker litter. At that time, Casein had only one owner (Geir) and lived in Tromsø up North in Norway . English Cocker Spaniel has been my favourite breed for many years, but my first dogs were an Irish Setter and two Great Danes. I bought both Great Danes for showing, and one of them was very beautiful and got his international Championship very quickly. Unfortunately, he died only 4 years old.

Pippi og Heidi

In the meantime, I had bought my first english cocker "Pippi" (NUCH Carillo Cap-A-Pie). She was the most loving and pleasant dog I had ever met, and for a long time, there was only cockers for me. Living in Tromsø is not easy if you are interested in showing, as most shows is in the east of Norway. In 1988 I I desided to burn all bridges, and moved to the south-east of Norway.
I started working at the famous kennel Inu-Goya, owned by Terje Johnsen and Frank Bjerklund in Sandefjord. It was the most instructive time in my life and I stayed for more than 7 years. It was a very busy time, with a lot of dogs and shows, but I could do what I always wanted to do - work with dogs. In 1993 Lars joined Casein and in 1995 we moved to Kodal. 

Vincent som valp

Lars also was interested in dogs, and we wanted to try a new breed and the choice was easy, since we had been "dog-sitters" for a welsh one summer.
In October 1996, a handsome Welsh Springer Spaniel called Vincent (NUCH Inu-Goya Ynys Gybi) entered our lives and expanded our kennel with a new breed.

Well, it would be cruel to let Vincent be the only welsh amongst all the cockers - he had to have a wife. We left for England and saw a lot of good bitches, and finally chose Taimere's Think Of Me. Vincent got his wife, we could begin to think of our first welsh-litter and everybody were happy.

Our first litter was born in 1986 and we have had many puppies and grownups. Our present crew have roots back to our first lines. We have tried other lines, but always returned to the lines we were most satisfied with. The kennels base is made of 3 lines and 3 bitches. The first cocker was Carillo Cap-A-Pie (Pippi). She was out of NUCH Travis Jive Talkin and NUCH Craigleith Camille. She was a bitch with much personality - which she also passed on to her puppies. Pippi was shown a lot and became champion very soon. She got her first litter in December 1986, but unfortunately there was only one puppy. We didn't keep it, and mated Pippi with the same dog again and got 5 puppies the year after. We kept a bitch, Heidi, who later became champion. Her name was Casein's Cute Costume. Pippi also got a litter with NUCH Travis Celestes Pleasure, in which we kept the dog Casein's Typical Male, who got 2 cc's before he got a new home. Heidi only got two litters in her life and one of them was with NUCH Ar-Ha-Bo's New Hope. In that litter, there was a beautifull bitch, named Caseins Blue Velvet, which was sold to Elsa and Martin Johannessen. They have shown her often, and untill now she has 5 cc's. She has also been a very good broodbitch and produced two champions, NUCH Arrow and NUCH Angel which are both after NUCH Carillo Corny Talk. Several of her children are cc-winners and stand for championship, like a bitch we got from her, Blue Costume To Casein. This time we kept a son of her for breeding.

Just after Pippi came, we bought another solid coloured bitch, which has ment a lot for us. It was Moorleaf Filippa. She had two litters in her life and we kept a black bitch from her first litter, Nadja or Casein's Brilliant Disquise who also became a champion. It was our first litter with mixed colours - black and blue/roan. When Nadja got puppies with NUCH Blue Satin Body and Soul, we kept a black bitch, Casein's Brilliant Girl "Anna". Anna has only been showed a few times, but she also got cc. Anna was mated with Lochdene Shoestring, and a beautiful bitch went to Nina Waldeland - Casein's Brilliant Moon "Luna". Nina has shown her frequently and till now it has resulted in 2 cc's. Anna which still is a relative young lady will hopefully give more good puppies in the future.